Celebrity Hairstylists Swear by These Drugstore Gel Products

Written by Nina Aghadjanian

For the gel amateur, using the ooey-gooey substance on a perfectly coiffed ‘do can be terrifying. What if you use too much? Will it create flakes? What if it just slides off? Not cute. Enter: the mane mavens. Scroll through the gallery ahead for celebrity hairstylists’ favorite drugstore gel hair products, including the best hairstyles to use them on.

White person holding jar of blue hair gel
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A favorite of: Prince Angel

Why: Behold I give you an undeniably inexpensive favorite hair gel product that I love from your local drugstore—the Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel. This product is a perfect mixture of shine, stability, thickness, and durable hold. It’s not too oily and it’s not too sticky.

Best way to use it: This product is best for a super-sleek, soft, tight low bun or if you want to do a sleek part (not recommended for a diffuser). If you want an elegant wet look, this is also the best product for that as well.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel
(via Walmart)

A favorite of: Dom Seeley

Why: I love the invisible styling hair gel because it’s strong and the hold is insane. It’s also clear and doesn’t dry sticky or tacky and the name says it all—it’s invisible so you don’t get that flakey white residue.

Best way to use it: I use it mainly on snatched ponytail looks and pushed back wet looks. It got me through some Paris Fashion Week looks that I did so it’s always a product I can rely on if I need something strong. It’s also great for festival season as you can mix your favorite glitters with the gel and apply it to your hair for glittery festival looks. It’s really versatile and helps the glitter stay all day.

Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Power Invisible Gel
(via Moollis)

A favorite of: Glen Coco

Why: I love this gel because it doesn’t flake up when it dries, and it has a nice shine and strong hold.

Best way to use it: I most frequently use it for sleek looks, or if you want to tame flyaways. It’s also great to mix with oil to make wet looks and of course, it smells good.

Paul Mitchell Super Clean Sculpting Gel
(via Walmart)

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