The Expensive Brunette Trend, Explained

Written by Mane Addicts

When it comes to color trends, 2021 has been full of surprises.

The most surprising of all may also be the lowest maintenance. We’re talking about “rich” or “expensive” brunette, the color trend that style icons like Hailey Bieber and Billie Eilish have taken on this winter. This deep, glossy hue is ultra-authentic, like an updated and upgraded version of a natural shade. The beauty world is putting highlights on hold for the time being. It’s all about gorgeous, glowing brunettes this season.

To fully understand toned-down shade, we’re bringing in celebrity colorists Cassondra Kaeding and Adriana Pinto. Read on for a deep dive on expensive brunette!

What Exactly Is Expensive Brunette?

“Expensive brunette hair color is about embracing your natural hair color but with a few small enhancements” Cassondra explains. It’s essentially the salon-quality version of rocking your roots. “This trend can be a multi-tonal brunette that is rich in depth, and shiny/glossy” the Redken ambassador adds. If you prefer a monotone aesthetic, you can definitely rock the rich brunette trend. But a blended combination of shine-heavy brunette tones can also create a bold rich brunette shade. “The level and tones will depend on your skin tone so ask your colorist what is best suited for you.” she notes.

Natural Aesthetics Take Center Stage

When it comes to this trend, less is more: “Natural is sexy. The expensive brunette look is low maintenance” Adriana explains. That’s part of the reason why so many of our mane muses are turning towards this trend.

According to Cassondra, this trend gained popularity during the quarantine, when clients had no choice but to embrace their natural color. “Without access to all the usual harsh lightening services everyone stared to realize how the condition of their hair had really improved.” That’s right, healthy hair is in now.

Blondes Require Commitment

Rich brunette may be low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean its low commitment. “Blonde clients need to make sure they are confident with their decisions to go deeper,” Cassondra cautions, “ nce it is dark and decide you want to go back to blonde the process can include, a color remover/stripping agent, and or highlights.” Because the fresh brunette color sits on top of your previously lightened hair, additional bleach after the fact can lead to more breakage.

Adriana suggests that blonde clients “ease into this look with chunky low lights, a dragged down root base and an all over softer gloss.” “Blondes must know this is a commitment, so they need to be ready for it” she says. Don’t underestimate rich brunette. This subtle shade is something else.

Go for Lowlights or an All Over Gloss

So how do you achieve the rich brunette aesthetic. “There are multiple ways to achieve this look depending on how deep/dark you would like to go” Cassondra explains. Glosses can add tone and darken, while lowlights take your overall color deeper without getting rid of every light piece. Clients can also add in babylights for a little extra dimension.

Adriana suggests a similar approach. “This look is achieved by adding heavy low lights, richer base color and an all over deep gloss” she explains. According to this expert, the lowlights help give the overall color dimension so it doesn’t fall flat.

This is all the holiday hair inspo you need to get through the New Year.