The New Generation of Temporary Hair Color for Natural Hair Is Here

Once upon a time, being a hair chameleon came at the cost of the health of your strands. Even at the hands of a seasoned professional and with a meticulous aftercare routine, coloring natural hair meant dealing with some chemical damage. These days, exploring different hair colors is not only low commitment, but it’s also damage-free. Hair wax, powder, and gel colors give every natural the ability to change their hair color as often as they change their nails. Below are a few of our favorite color hair wax options for natural hair to try temporary hues!

The As I Am Curl Color is a gel formula that comes in 13 shades. We love it because it not only deposits brilliant color to the darkest strands, but it also strengthens the hair by 6% after one application and improves hair moisture by 84% to 91%. The brand recommends applying the product to damp hair and using a blow dryer or hooded dryer to seal the color in and avoid the color from transferring. This is a great option for wash-n-gos, braid and twist-outs, rod sets, etc.

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The Curlsmith Hair Makeup comes in five shades. We love this formula because it doesn’t stain (you don’t need to wear gloves to apply the product). The brand recommends applying the product to soaking wet hair for a more natural look. If you want the color to really pop, apply thin layers multiple times as your hair dries (you’ll have the concentrated color you want without experiencing fallout from being heavy-handed with the application). This product is not the best option if you’re planning to style your hair in twists or braids.

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This hair color gel from Gemini Naturals comes in 12 shades. This is great for naturals who love wash-n-gos but don’t love the way other hair color products weigh their hair down and dry it out. Free of beeswax, silicons, shea butter, etc, the Get Hued gels actually hydrate the hair and can substitute your usual curl styler, which we absolutely love. The brand recommends applying the product to clean, wet hair to get the best color.

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Mysteek Color Pop is one of the first chemical-free, temporary hair color products on the market. The wax-based cream formula, which comes in 12 vibrant shades, is ideal for twist-outs, braid-outs, locs, etc. We love this product because it can be applied to dry or wet hair which makes achieving your desired color much easier. The brand recommends rubbing the cream between your fingers to warm it up and to make it easier to apply to hair. We recommend starting with a small amount at first; the product is buildable and you can always apply more later.

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The hair wax from ORS Haircare is one of the most popular on the market. It could be because the product comes in a whopping 21 colors so you’re sure to find a shade that gives you the color of your dreams. It could also be the fact that it’s co-signed by so many natural hair influencers. Whatever the reason, the wax-based formula is a tried and true option. This is an ideal option for pretty much any style but you want to apply the product with gloves and make sure to apply your moisturizers underneath it as the formula is very drying.

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