How to Write a Good Hairstylist Instagram Bio

Written by Nina Aghadjanian

I know it, you know it, we all know it: hairstylists’ livelihoods depend on their Instagram feed. In the social media era, the number of stylists utilizing the gram is growing at lightning speed. To stand out and snatch more followers, clients, and press, a hairstylist or colorist’s best strategy should include a strong Instagram bio. Ahead, Mane Addicts writer and social media manager shares her tips for how to perfect your Instagram bio.

hairstylist instagram bio | Mane Addicts
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Tips for Writing a Good Hairstylist Instagram Bio

Include the Name You Want to Be Addressed As

If you go by Cotton Candy Unicorn Hair Painter or Chic Shear Master, and I’m a potential writer or media outlet that wants to tap you for a story, expect me to address you as one of those. If that’s not the name you go by, then be sure to include your preferred or real name in your bio.

Note Your Area of Expertise

This is helpful for two reasons. One, potential clients are everywhere on the gram. They’re all individually looking for a different service, so noting your specialty will immediately catch their attention. Two: Like aforementioned, editors are crunched on time when pitching and writing stories. They often scour Instagram for the latest and greatest hair trends. This means if your bio clearly states you’re a colorist or stylist specializing in XYZ, all the easier it is for me to decide to include your expertise in my story.

Specify If You’re a Salon Stylist, Editorial Stylist, and/or Freelance

While some stylists have both salon and editorial experience, others are married to one. If you’re one of them, specify that in your bio. Why? The techniques and styles used in the salon are meant to enhance a client’s hair way beyond the appointment. Whereas on set, the cut or style is usually a temporary look created solely to get the money shot. Stylists behind the chair and editorial stylists have different skill sets. It’s important for potential clients and the press to understand your strong points.

Include a Link to Your Portfolio or Website

The social media frenzy has forced a majority of artists to manicure their Instagram feed and treat it like a portfolio. Your feed should display your skill and artistry in a way that reflects your style as a hairstylist or colorist. Otherwise, it could cost you clients and press. If you’re not keen on keeping up your gram then a link to your portfolio or website in your bio is a must. Double-check to ensure the link isn’t broken after pasting it.

Put the Best Email Address to Reach You

You might not have your email listed in your bio because you want to play hard to get or appear elite. And listen, we get it! You’re an artist and you’re proud of your work, nothing wrong with a lot of confidence. But here’s the thing, it’s really annoying. If you’re open to contributing your expertise to a publication or a client, include your email. In lieu of an email, a phone number works too.

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