These Haircuts Are Perfect for Long Face Shapes

Written by Ashley Locke

When deciding on your next chop, you’re probably pretty quick to take your hair type into consideration. But what about your face shape? If you aren’t factoring that into your haircut, you’re missing out on having the most flattering style. For those of you with long face shapes, we reached out to the experts to uncover the best long face haircuts. Discover which cut suits you below!

About the Experts

Tim Dueñas is a Los Angeles-based haircutter and hair educator.

Dyana Nematalla is an Atlanta haircut specialist and CEO of Sirène Salon and Tinte by Sirène.

What Is a Long Face Shape?

Before you scroll on down to the haircuts for long faces, take a quick moment to ensure you actually have a long face shape. One of the easiest ways to determine whether a long face shape is through your hairline. “A higher hairline exposes the forehead more causing you to have a longer face shape,” notes Atlanta haircut specialist Dyana Nematalla.

Los Angeles haircutter and hair educator, Tim Dueñas, also shares a few defining features of long face shapes. “I consider a face shape longer when the forehead, chin, and cheekbone areas are narrower, which draws the eye to the length of the face,” he shares. If your features are longer than they are wider, it’s a pretty good indicator you have a long face shape.

Need a little guidance? Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, and Gisele Bündchen all have long face shapes, so it can be helpful to compare your face shape to theirs when choosing styles.

The Best Haircuts for a Long Face

Consider yourself blessed, because there are a number of haircuts that look great with your face shape. More than anything, you’ll want something that draws attention to your best features. “Trying to expand the cheeks/eyes is always best,” says Dueñas. The haircuts below will do just that and so much more.

Rounded Layers

Because adding width to your cheekbones is a must for long face shapes, Nematalla recommends opting for some rounded layers. “Generally speaking, the best haircuts for long face shapes are rounded layers with lots of movement to add width to your face and highlight cheekbones.”

Internal Layers

Rounded layers aren’t for everyone, so should your hair texture not lend itself to this style, you have other options. Nematalla suggests a “medium-length haircut with curtain bangs and internal layers for movement, which are strategically placed to highlight cheekbones and eyes.”

Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing really lends itself to your long face shape. Bonus: It works for every hair type. Nematalla does recommend it for curly hair types because they’ll “get a lift in all the right places.” Though you don’t have to have ringlets to go with some strong face-framing layers.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are the perfect fringe for long face shapes. Dueñas notes that the bangs are “always lovely for expanding the cheekbones” on wavy and straight hair types.

Razored Mid-Length Cut

Stick-straight hair types require something that offers an extra bit of movement and dimension, especially if their strands are thicker. That’s why Nematalla suggests a “razored mid-length cut with layers throughout” to give thick hair the movement it needs.

Mid-Length Bob

Dueñas is a big fan of this haircut for long face shapes because it adds the right amount of fullness around the face. He shares that “one that hits the middle of the neck works great for straighter and finer hair types.”

The Shixie

A combination of the shag and pixie, the shixie is the perfect short crop for long face shapes, according to Dueñas. Though it highlights the length of your face, it does it ever so softly. Be sure to add some face-framing layers as well to accentuate your cheekbones.

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