The Perfect Pixie Haircut for Your Hair Type

Written by Ashley Locke

The pixie is a classic short hairstyle and one we’re seeing gain popularity as far as haircut trends go. The bixie, the mixie, and even the shixie are encouraging everyone to chop off all their strands. If you’re strongly considering getting a pixie, we’re here to help. Before you get the chop, discover which pixie haircut is best for your hair type. Whether you have straight or curly hair, there’s a pixie that will best accentuate your strands. We reached out to a couple of experts who know a thing or two about the style. See which cuts they recommend below!

Why Should You Consider Your Hair Type?

Before we get into the best cut for your hair type, let’s cover why it’s important to consider your hair type. It’s true that every hair type can rock the chop, but certain iterations can better accentuate your natural hair texture.

Atelier Aveda Studio cut and color specialist Anna Johnson notes, “The most important thing about hair type is your choice in hair length. Fine hair may look amazing with shaggy sides with wisps over the ear, but thick hair will look bulky and unflattering. Wavy and curly hair looks super cute in a pixie mullet. But straight hair with length at the nape looks dated very quick.”

Freelance creative colorist and Moroccanoil global color ambassador Greg Gilmore notes that this haircut looks best with straight hair. “Texture should be considered because if the hair is not naturally straight other processes should be used, such as chemical straightening (relaxer) or thermal straightening (smoothing out the hair to lay flat). However, curly pixies are a thing as well and as long as the hair is one to two inches long all over, it can still be considered a pixie.”

That being said, any good hairstylist will know how to work with your texture to give you the pixie haircut of your dreams!

Best Pixie Haircut for Straight Hair: Classic Pixie

Anna is all about the classic pixie haircut for straight hair types. “Think Audrey Hepburn or Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby—a timeless classic cut that opens up the face,” she says. “It works well with straight hair because the short length leads to a lot of texture through the top because of the short layers. The bangs fall beautifully on the foreheads and give the desirable piecey look.”

Greg notes that with short hair, you can keep it sleek or create a more tousled look. “Sleek and straight with a little tousling of the top works so well for the wearer. It can be soft with wavy pieces or bone straight for a more sleek look,” he says.

Best Pixie Haircut for Wavy Hair: Pixie Shag

Greg notes that those with wavy hair have a good advantage “because they can maintain a short cut most easily. They can wear it wavy with their natural texture or straighten it with ease using a half inch flat iron.”

For your wavy hair type, Anna suggests a modern pixie shag that “leaves length along the perimeter with either a short or curtain bang. The wispy bits around the hairline create an ultra-feminine shape and blend beautifully with on-trend curtain bangs. Wavy hair at this length will not need to blow dry to style. A quick finger style and scrunching with a light curl gel, like Aveda’s Curl Gelée with an air dry is all that is needed for a flawless finish.”

Best Pixie Haircut for Curly Hair: Undercut

Those with ringlets will benefit from an undercut pixie, according to Anna. “An undercut takes all the hair on the sides and back and cuts it short and completely disconnected from the top hair,” she says. “This cut is fun and edgy and takes care of the bulk and width that can happen with curly hair. The length on top should extend between the top of the cheekbone to the jawline depending on what is desired. This length allows the curl on top to fully form and weigh itself down.”

As far as styling goes, Greg says you “should keep about three to four inches of length to consider the shrinkage the curls can have while in their natural state. Otherwise, they can opt for thermal smoothing to have a sleek and straight pixie look.”

Best Pixie Haircut for Kinky Hair: Natural Pixie

The best pixie haircut for kinky hair will enhance your natural texture, not work against it. Because of this, Greg recommends going to a salon that is well-versed in your natural texture. “Kinky or curly hair is best with a chemical straightener if the wearer would prefer to wear their hair straight the majority of the time. If not, they may go to a stylist who is skilled in smoothing out natural hair. They may also consider a natural pixie style, which could consist of comb coils or small twist-outs for texture depending on the length.”

Anna notes that this hair type is very versatile when it comes to the pixie. “Lots of different lengths work for coiled hair,” she says. “The goal with a pixie on coils is that the weight builds from the bottom to the top so that there is an upward motion to the hair. This triangular shape shows off the gravity-defying nature of coily hair. It should be cut dry to enhance and never fight the natural texture.”

Best Pixie Haircut for Thin Hair: Layered Pixie

To give more volume and dimension to your hair, go with a layered pixie cut. Also, think about length. “Thin or fine hair must take into account how long the hair should be in order to not show skin through the hair, especially the sides and back,” says Anna. “The perimeter should be kept tight and clean to maximize the look of fullness through the ends. The bangs should not extend past the eyebrows or they can look too see-through. For some thin hair clients, longer layers through the top are good for coverage while others will benefit from the lift of layers.”

Greg suggests going shorter, but only if you feel comfortable. “The more length it has the limper it can be,” he says. “I would suggest three inches or shorter for the best pixie results.”

Best Pixie Haircut for Thick Hair: Bixie

Overall, Greg mentions that thicker hair types can wear almost any pixie haircut. “Thick hair has a range of options and can afford to have more length,” he shares. “I like, for more dense hair, shorter sides and nap with a lengthier top for a nice fringe over the forehead that gives an ultra-feminine feel to the cut.”

Anna champions the bixie haircut for this hair type. “This long pixie look allows for enough length for the hair to lay down, but is also heavily layered to reduce weight,” she says. If you go “shorter than this length, expect the cut to be high-maintenance as the hair grows in and out between appointments.”

Not sure if you want to go this short with a pixie? What about a bob? If that seems more your speed, HERE is the best bob for your hair type!