Mane: (n.) A head of distinctly long, thick hair. Addicts: (tr.v) To occupy or involve oneself in something habitually or compulsively.

Hair Celeb, Chris McMillan

Hair stylist to that stars, Chris Mcmillan’s hands have probably graced the heads of nearly every A-lister.  His client list includes Kendall Jenner, Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Zac Efron, and Dakota Fanning.  He was the man behind the famous “Rachel” cut on Jennifer Aniston in the 90’s, and has remained Hollywood’s go-to for impeccable short hair cuts.  His hands are behind Michelle William’s versatile pixie and he is man responsible for cutting Miley Cyrus’s long locks into her signature punky do.  In addition, he can just as easily create, sexy voluminous hair and long beachy waves (yes, he was the one who styled Kim Kardashian on her wedding day).  His work has graced the covers of Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar as well as countless red carpet events.  He now owns one of the most elite salons in Los Angeles, Chris McMillan Salon.  With his impressive resume and celebrity roster, it is no surprise that he has partnered with long time client Jennifer Aniston, as a Living Proof’s spokesperson, integrative to product development and design.

Follow his adventures for more #manespiration on Instagram.

Byrdie + Jen Atkin : Sleek Double Ponytail in Under 3 Minutes

Mane Addicts had to pleasure of working with Jen Atkin and Byrdie to come up with a variety of quick, simple hairstyles for you to try at home.  Getting ready in a pinch?  Try this 3 minute tutorial on the perfect sleek double pony direct from


Start with clean, dry hair. If your hair isn’t naturally straight, use a flat iron to smooth out your natural texture before getting started.

Step One: Part

Create a deep side part. Atkin recommends using a comb to make it as straight as possible.

Step Two: Spray

Spray hairspray on the crown of your head and over your roots to tame flyaways and give your part more holding power.

Step Three: Ponytail

Smooth your hair from roots to ends by brushing through it with a boar-bristle brush. Then, pull it all back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and tie it off with a small elastic.

Step Four: Styling Cream

Work a pea-sized amount of styling cream (Atkin loves Éclat Naturel Styling Cream ($46) from Leonor Greyl) between your fingers and run it through the lengths of your ponytail. You can also smooth down any loose pieces up top.

Step Five: Second Section

Once you’ve achieved your desired level of sleekness, add the second hair tie. Grab the base of your pony with one hand, slide your other hand down about two to three inches, and add another a small elastic in that spot.


And that’s your double ponytail: five simple steps in three minutes or less.


Photographer: Justin Coit

Hairstylist: Jen Atkin

Makeup Artist: Roxy

Producer: Jenna Peffley

Model: Ashley Rogers

Supermodel Superstar Coco Rocha

Style chameleon Coco Rocha is as versatile a model as she is an human being. She has appeared in various ad campaigns and runways shows and made waves when she Irish danced her way down the Jean Paul Gaultier’s catwalk in 2007.  Her edgy style allows her to pull off hair that is light or dark and long and short, though we must admit that the short hair brings out her iconic facial features (hello cheekbones!).

In addition to her strong beauty, she has proved herself as a wonderful activist and human being.  in 2010, she was a contributor to Seventeen Magazine, where she wrote a number of articles on body image and self esteem, awarding her the Seventeen body peace award.  She, along with fellow supermodel Behati Prinsloo, worked and delivered supplies to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and appeared in the documentary Letters to Haiti.  In addition, she has been the face of anti-photoshop campaigns and has stood up against the extreme standards put on models.  Just this year, she announced her first pregnancy on Instagram, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this style maven.

5 Decorative Bobby Pins and Where to Get Them

Inspired by our last post, we rounded up 5 of our favorite bobby pins and where to get them.  Scroll below and let us know if you have a favorite place to buy your own!

The First Date Package

These come in a variety of color combinations.  We love how sturdy they are in the hair.  Shop at Mane Message.

Model Bobby Set

These are just a little different than your typical bobby pin, slightly larger, much stronger, and come in sets of 8 so it is easy to experiment with decorative patterns.  Shop at

Dainty Gold Leaf Set

Handmade from brass, these pins are perfect for a special occasion or to give as a gift.  Check out Etsy to buy.

Dabble Bobby Set

For the sophisticate in your life.  These are simple, chic, and can be used by themselves or together for work or play.  Shop at Anthropologie.

Make Your Own

Simply use your favorite colored nail polish to paint patterns and designs on your regular bobby pins.  Brit+Co published a great story about making bobby pin necklaces, but we like the idea of just placing these babies in our hair.


5 Unconventional Ways To Use Bobby Pins


Bobby pins are probably the one hair accessory that every girl has scattered around the house.  So rather than letting the crevices of your couch eat them, we found some new ways of using these pins that will make you want to start collecting.  Here are five easy styles to decoratively use these simple pins.


It is a common misconception that the ridge side of the bobby pin is to be placed upward, away from the head.  The ridges were actually created to morph and bend with the round of the head, so by placing the bumpy side down, you are creating more stability.  Ever try using a pin and it just keeps falling or won’t seem to hold the hair?  Try placing the ridge side down and let us know if it helps!

Look 1


This simple style looks much more complicated than it is.  Simply take a small section of your hair and secure at the back of your head (just above the occipital bone), by criss crossing two bobby pins.  Then, take small strands from the front of your hairline and pull back, so that it crosses over the bobby pins you just put in.  Secure with a pin, ridge side down, in a vertical fashion.  Then take another strand from the opposite side of your hairline, and repeat.  Continue until you have achieved a half up style, tucking in any ends.

Look 2


Get ready for take off, with this beautiful style reminiscent of old airline stewardess days.  This style is particularly beautiful on hair that has been pre curled or waved.  Pull one side of your hair down and secure with a large clip at the ends.  Then use your favorite decorative bobby pins to gently place in a parallel fashion.  Don’t worry about putting too much hair in the pins, as this look is more about fashion than function.  Remove the clip holding your hair into place, and viola, a beautifully elegant look.

Look 3


Rolled Up.

Start by using a sea salt or texturizing spray in hair to create grit and hold through the ends.  Then create a seep side part over the arch of on eyebrow.  Use the hair that you pull to the side and gather the ends with a bobby.  Roll the hair up, then use additional bobby pins to secure the original bobby to the head, using a criss crossing pattern.

Look 4

The Band

Start by using a strong hold gel or mousse in damp hair, then comb back so all hair is behind the ears.  Use your hands to hold the hair flat to your head at the crown, then secure with pins in an X pattern from behind one ear to the other.

Look 5


By far one of the most popular patterns of our day, the chevron or arrow pattern is easy to achieve.  Simply pull hair back into a low chignon, then carefully place pins in so that they are crossing at the tips, and the ends are open.  Feel free to be creative with the size of the arrows, and the size of the pins you use.

Girl On The Go

Who would have thought something so simple could be so trendsetting?  We’ve fallen in love with this low-key, struggle-free hair style.  Let the collar tuck be your hair hack super hero, coming to the rescue on mornings when you’ve hit snooze button one too many times.  But before you go stuffing your hair uncomfortably down your shirt, here’s a little help on how to “professionally” achieve these looks.

The hardest part of creating this style is picking out the right shirt.  We suggest something with a crisp collar or a snug neckline.

After you’ve surpassed that challenge, spray Balmain Texturing Salt Spray throughout your hair.  Gather the ends into a low ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.  Use your hands to create separation by pulling bits and stands out and into your desired shape.  Mist with hairspray and you’re done!

So tell us, would you try this trick at home?

Rita Hazan Root Concealer : An Insider’s Tip

So yesterday we mentioned our favorite trick for fuller looking hair in photographs.  Today we are adding on to that little secret with an alternative to eyeshadow.  Have you heard of root spray?  Probably not.  It’s not exactly the most common hair product- but it should be!  We love Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer for blending streaky highlights and for filling in the part.

Simply find the shade closest to your root color (this comes in blonde, dark blonde, light brown, dark brown/black, and red).  Shake up the can, and then lightly spray from at least 6 inches away from roots.  While this may have been designed to camouflage grays, it works wonders for photo shoots and special event hair.  An on set and celebrity stylist staple, we want you to try it and let us know what you think!

Behind The Scenes Tip : Filling in the Part

Ever wonder how celebrities just seem to look so flawless on the red carpet? They seem to have no imperfections; including full beautiful hair that photographs well.  Besides the glam squad behind their looks, there are a few ‘tricks of the trade’ that can help you to look just as flawless for your next night out.  Today we are featuring our favorite secret for fuller looking hair, especially in photographs.

A visible part can be distracting in photos, especially contrasting against dark hair colors.  Not to mention for those of us with sparser hair types, the part can give away just how thin our hair really is.  Just take a closer look next time you see a celebrity photograph- you will notice that they nearly never have a noticeable part line.  That’s why we love to fill in the part with an eyeshadow similar to the color of our roots.  This creates the illusion of depth in the hair, while also camouflaging an imperfect part.

Simply use a dense eyeshadow brush to pick up color, and then lightly pat it on the part.

You can also use the eye shadow to fill in sparse hairlines and any exposed scalp when hair is pulled back.

Glamour : The 1940’s Inspired Wave

If there’s one look that will never go out of style, it’s the 1940’s inspired wave.  Made iconic by actress Veronica Lake, this look remains timeless.  While it may have been tweaked and refined over the years, the deep set part and smooth undulations create a look that exudes sophistication.  Today we see these curls regularly on the red carpet, a favorite by celebrities channeling old Hollywood glam.

Feeling inspired?  Check out our tutorial to create these waves at home.

Red Carpet Ready


A look that will never go out of style, these Veronica Lake inspired curls are perfect to glam up a night out.  While there are many ways to achieve, this is one of our easiest variations to try at home.

  1. Start by creating a deep side part over the arch on one eyebrow.
  2. Take horizontal sections of hair starting at the nape, then use your 1 1/4 inch iron to curl 1 1/4 inch sections of hair all in the same direction.
  3. Pin your curls to the scalp while they cool, then continue to curl the entire head.
  4. Once all the curls have been pinned to the scalp, mist with hairspray and remove pins.
  5. Use a wide tooth comb to break up the curls, then go back with a paddle brush and brush through the curls, brushing in an S motion to mimic the pattern of the curls.
  6. Use a small amount of smoothing cream through your palms to reshape the curls, smooth frizz, and push one side behind the ear.
  7. For added volume, use a comb to gently backcomb through the ends.
  8. Mist with hairspray to finish.

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