Boyfriend Bobs Are Summer’s Hottest Cut—Get the Perfect One for You

Written by Mane Addicts

Of all the short haircuts to come out of 2022, this one is by far our favorite. The boyfriend bob is summer’s chicest crop. With an emphasis on effortless wearability, this textured chin-to-neck-length cut is stunningly sophisticated and very versatile. No wonder celebrities like Emma Chamberlain and Ella Purnell have jumped on board. And now you can too because we’re doing a deep dive on this cool cut—with the help of two industry-leading experts.

To get into the nitty-gritty on this top trend, we sat down with Peter Lux, the London and LA-based stylist who gave us some of Maude Apatow and Florence Pugh’s best short hair looks, and Erickson Arrunategui, the New York-based mastermind behind countless celebrity manes, including Taylor LaShae’s iconic French girl bob. Read on for an in-depth look at the boyfriend bob.

About the Experts

Peter Lux is a celebrity hairstylist based in London, England and Los Angeles, California.

Erickson Arrunategui is a celebrity and editorial hairstylist who specializes in extensions.

The Boyfriend Bob, Explained

Let’s start with the basics: what is the boyfriend bob. “The boyfriend bob is a blunter and shorter version of a traditional bob with the trim line being totally horizontal and the length being anywhere between chin and mid neck length,” Lux explains. We’re talking the ’90s boy band and heartthrob aesthetic here, folks.

This cut puts a twist on the traditional bob with “a good amount of weight removal and maybe some framing pieces around the face,” Arrunategui says. “It’s styled air dried and effortless,” he continues “ traditional bob is very square and strong, the boyfriend bob is more natural and cut with more texture.” Wearable and effortless, everything you want out of a cute summer cut.

Almost Every Face Shape Can Wear It

“Face shape plays a big roll, you want to make sure the length is cut to flatter your facial
features to make you feel the most confident,” Arrunategui explains. But the boyfriend bob is nothing if not very versatile. According to Lux, with a few adjustments and a little customization, the boyfriend bob can fit almost any face shape. “Oval, heart shape, narrow, or round faces work perfectly in harmony and can even be styled to manipulate the face shape to a more flattering look,” he says.

The Boyfriend Bob Is Air-Dry-Approved

The lived-in look really separates this cut from the pack. So according to Arrunategui, it should be air-dried if possible, using a good texture spray/cream, or sea salt spray as well. “It should look a bit grungy and lived-in,” he says. “I love the Bumble and Bumble Sumo Liquid Wax+ Finishing Spray as a finishing product for that second day look.”

Consider Face Shape and Hair Texture When Styling

“What I generally love about this look is it versatility,” Lux says. When it comes to everyday styling this cut, you should definitely take face shape into account. “A rounder face suits a slightly straighter version of this look without any layers around the face. The longer stands of hair sitting on either side of the face give the illusion of a slimmer face,” he explains. “Equally, if you have a narrow face, work a slight bend through the hair with the help of straightening iron and some texturizing hair products,” Lux continues. For oval and heart-shaped faces, a textured take or a straighter look work equally as well.

The boyfriend bob also offers endless options for more involved styling projects too. Take the wet hair trend for example. “On Florence Pugh, I recently styled her bob in a wet-look with tendrils of wet hair framing the face and also as a cleaner, sleeker oiled up look with the hair being tucked behind the ears,” Lux describes. “ y favourite product for a wet look is a dry oil spray like Bumble and Bumble Dry Oil Finishing Spray.” But on the flip side, the boyfriend bob also pairs perfectly with a more textured dry look. “For Ella Hunt and Anja Rubik, I created a soft texture with the straightening iron and gave the hair a languid, step-in look with spritz of Hair by Sam McKnight ‘Cool Girl’ and ‘Happy Endings,’” he continues.

And last but not least, the boyfriend bob can easily work well with a retro aesthetic a la Maude Apatow’s Met Gal moment. “For the gorgeous Maude Apatow’s Met Gala red carpet I have styled it in a vintage set and also poker straight with a clean centre parting,” Lux explains.

Talk to Your Stylist

Looking to take the plunge on this short hairstyle? Talk it through with your stylist. “I would always bring in photos to give your stylist a clear reference, but I would also ask for their professional opinion on what they think would be flattering with your face and head shape,” Arrunategui suggests. Open communication is the surest way to nail the desired cut.

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