Bring Out Your Inner Dancing Queen With These Disco Hairstyles

Written by Emilie Branch

If you’re looking for an era where hair ruled, the ’70s were it. From embracing texture to big waves and flipped blowouts, volume was everything. Let’s not forget slick, straight hair, mini-braids, and fringe—whether you were a hippie, hipster, or something in between, there was a look for everyone. And those looks still translate. The ’70s are having a major resurgence and we’re embracing the moment, especially when it comes to disco hairstyles. Yes, dancing queens, if you’re not familiar with the “Me Decade” prepare to fall in love with the disco hairstyles from the ’70s. We’re breaking down the best looks from the bygone party era that are just as red hot 50 years later.

Cute Disco Hairstyles


Disco was all about bling and partying—these shiny hair decals brighten up any style and would guarantee entry to Studio 54.

Stay Wavy

Waves are timeless—and this look proves it. Whether waking up in 1972 or 2022, full voluminous curls are a staple. Get the look regardless of your natural texture with Dry Bar The Mixologist Interchangeable Styler.

Go Big

You’re the life of the party with this BIG style that redefines night out. To cheat tresses this large, spray Big Sexy Hair Fun Raiser Volumizing Dry Texture Spray with Collagen liberally.

Tousled Middle Part

A middle part grounds exaggerated volume, making the look even higher impact.

Wraparound Braid

A thick wraparound braid meets bold beautiful curls in the most disco shade of bleach blonde.

Afro Rules

The afro ruled the disco then and gets all the likes today.

Voluminous Bob

Disco hair isn’t one length—shorter-haired disco queens make a statement with defined curls that also defy gravity. Opt for a pretty pin to really set the look—glam and bling are key to disco hairstyles.

Fringe and Body

Here’s the thing about disco hair, unlike ’90s styles, there’s nothing “perfect” about them. Think sexy and touchable instead of highly stylized and stiff. This fringe meets texture and amplified body style basically sums up everything we love about nostalgic ’70s disco hairstyles.

VIP All Day

Say goodbye to lines if you master these swoon-worthy disco curls. Keep hair healthy and strong to support this style with a serum that encourages growth, like Monpure Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum.

The Farrah

The queen of the disco era had to be Farrah Fawcett, the Charlie’s Angel hair goddess’s iconic flipped blowout is still the go-to look of the decade. Cheat volume minus the salt with Amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray.


You can do disco hairstyles without leaving your hair down—pull those curls all the way up and leave some in front to create a piecey textured fringe.

Disco Grunge

Disco meets grunge in this deconstructed crimped hair look.