How to Get TikTok's “Surfer Curtains” Hair Trend

Written by Ashley Mishler

Everyone is feeling nostalgic for the ’90s these days, which is why we’ve seen a number of ’90s trends making their resurgence. From butterfly hair clips to chunky highlights, ’90s hair trends are being updated for the 2020s. And it’s not just women’s hair trends that are making a comeback, so are men’s hairstyle trends. Case in point, surfer curtains.

It all started when TikTok user James Edward posted about the surfer curtains hairstyle and TikTok quickly took a liking to the retro hair trend. Now, more and more people are trying to achieve this tousled, surfer chic look. Learn everything you need to about the style below!

What Are Surfer Curtains?

Surfer curtains are definitely a call back to the ever-so-popular chop that all our favorite pop stars, skater boys, and Disney Channel heartthrobs once wore.

The main piece of the surfer curtains trend is a curtain fringe that is parted down the center, or slightly off-center for a more natural look. More often than not, this trend incorporates a beachy, voluminous texture and is typically seen on a mid-length haircut. This is not to say that longer lengths cannot rock this look. The difference here is that as the hair gets longer, the overall look will appear more feminine. This might be good to keep in mind depending on how you like to dress, wear your hair, and present yourself.

Overall, the surfer curtains hair trend does really look best with a bit of texture and tousle. Luckily, this effect can be achieved with a variety of products and a few styling tools if needed.

How to Get Surfer Curtains

When recreating the surfer curtains trend at home, you always want to start with a good foundation. Depending on your hair type, a lot of product may come into play. In general, you will likely be reaching for texture creation products.

For Straight to Wavy Hair

If you have hair with little to no wave, start by brushing your hair back the moment you get out of the shower, then create the part you desire (either centered or slightly off-center). From here you will want to apply a styling cream and a volumizing spray, like OUAI’s Volume Spray, scrunch and hit it with some heat to activate. If you prefer not to use a hair dryer, a salt spray may be more useful for you. Davines’ This Is a Sea Salt Spray creates a perfectly beachy, matte texture with the softest hint of vanilla. To create more texture and tousle, scrunch in the product of your choice as it air dries.

For Wavy to Curly Hair

If you have wavy to curly hair, this process may look a little different for you depending on how curly your mane is. Those with softer waves will find that towel-dried hair and sea salt spray alone will do the trick. For those with super curly lengths, a styling cream may aid in pulling some of the curl out, allowing it to lay a little looser. JVN’s Complete Air Dry Cream works wonders for all hair types, but its buildable nature and light hold can help smooth and pull out texture where desired.

Surfer Curtains Hairstyle Inspiration

With all these ’90s-inspired styles making the rounds, here’s some inspiration for you to take to the mirror as you try out the surfer curtains trend.

Messy Volume

For those with tons of hair, this cut allows you to play up your volume a little bit. Don’t be afraid to allow this mid-length cut to boost your volume and give you all that body.

Long Curtains

Surfer curtains work at any length, though we especially love seeing the layered look on longer hair. There’s something about shoulder-length strands that feels very surfer already. And if your hair is already on the wavy side, you won’t have to do much to style this look.

Short Curtains

Though this look lends itself to a longer style, you can also go a bit cropped with your take on the hair trend. Think of a shorter wolf cut with some softer fringe framing the face. The really great thing about this look is the grow-out process is fairly seamless.

Tousled Texture

This look proves you don’t need wavy or curly hair to pull off surfer curtains—straight hair is capable of wearing the style, so long as you’re able to mess with your texture. Flip out your ends and tease your roots to give yourself even more volume if needed.

Boyfriend Bob

The boyfriend bob plays up the ’90s boy band aesthetic with its center part and cropped style. It’s a bit of a sleeker take on surfer curtains, though still has all the elements of the style.

Surfer curtains not your thing? The flow haircut may be exactly what you’re looking for—learn all about it HERE!