The C-Shape Haircut IS the Moment

Written by Emilie Branch

We stay on the hunt for the next style and we’re already in love with the new C-shaped haircut. The cut, which helps your hair look fuller via face-framing layers, is likely to be a permanent fixture on our radar. Like a “C,” it creates an elongating effect—shorter in the front and longer in the back. It’s defined by length, movement, and fullness, very much like the styles from the ’90s. If Friends was on now, every character would have a C-shape moment. Here’s everything you need to know about the C-shape haircut straight from a pro.

About the Expert

Devin Graciano is a hairstylist and the Head of Product Development at Goldie Locks.

The C-Shape Haircut, Explained

“The C-shape haircut trend shows off a beautifully executed long layered haircut that sits around chin length down to the perimeter of the hair that hugs inward toward your face,” says hairstylist Devin Graciano. The reason it’s so flattering is because of how it falls. “The final look of the C-shape cut accentuates the client’s face to highlight the details of your bone structure specifically to the jawline while giving you the overall appearance of body within the cut,” she explains.

Turns out, the chin is the sweet spot and what really makes the C-shape haircut so special. “This cut is different in how it gets manipulated forward towards the face with little to no effort from the client because your stylist can manipulate the cut to push these layers forward. In addition to that, there is a seamless flow that can be met with bespoke cutting styles that will vary from each hair type and length to give more grow-out forgiveness if you so happen to extend your next haircut a little further out than usual,” she continues.

How to Get a C-Shape Haircut

When it comes to getting the right cut, sometimes it’s better to show, not tell. “I am a big believer in not just asking for a haircut but showing your stylist different haircuts and communicating what exactly you like about the haircut. It happens more times than you’d think, but some clients can show a picture of a style only to narrow in on the color that is actually what’s attracting them to it. Be prepared before your next haircut appointment and show your stylist variations of the cut and circle what stands out to you with that final style,” Graciano continues.

“To get the best end result, your stylist should focus on their body positioning in relation to where they are around the head of their client. If a stylist starts on the front left side of the haircut and just walks half a circle around the head, half of the haircut will be pushed back away from the face and one side will be as desired. Through the consultation, focus on the bone structure—you want to highlight to your client to set your guide appropriately to the layers’ shortest length. This will vary on face shape, hair length as well as hair texture,” she notes.

Things to Consider Before Getting the Cut

Some cuts aren’t for everyone—but this one is, as long as it’s done right (by a pro). “This haircut is great because it is so versatile. As long as your stylist truly knows your hair and natural texture they will be able to personalize this to a T,” Graciano explains. The key word here is “stylist.” If you plan to DIY, it might not go as planned. “The person who won’t benefit from this haircut are the ones who can’t wait and cut it themselves at home. The smallest details your professional stylist puts into this cut will make or break the ease and beauty you want to achieve,” she notes.

As with any cut, you have to think about its upkeep. However, this is one great for low-key ladies. “Maintenance for this haircut should be minimal as long as the cut is executed extremely well and thoughtfully by your stylist. Home hair care that focuses on shine, hydration, and health will help elevate this look to be a head-turner,” Graciano explains. In terms of the average cost of the cut, it all depends. “The price varies based on your stylist’s educational background, experience, and location,” she continues.

C-Shaped Haircut Inspiration

The C-shape cut works on all hair types and lengths. Need proof? See our inspo guide below.

Straight Hair

Hair is shiny, full, and thick—straight hair that would otherwise fall flat is completely transformed via the C-shape haircut. To keep hair healthy, we mask up using Goldie Locks Ultra Hydrating Signature Hair Mask at least once a week.

Long Hair

Break long hair up and add body via this layered chop.

Colored Hair

Complement highlights with layers that draw attention to your color and frame the face.

Medium-Length Hair

We found the ’90s to now haircut of our dreams—and this might be one of the best lengths for it.


Okay, maybe you can DIY if you have serious skills. The cut is super flattering on curls, and here’s how to actually do it (or school your stylist).

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