The New TikTok Heatless Curls Method Just Requires a Pair of Leggings

Written by Olivia Cefalu

If TikTok has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need expensive hot tools for bombshell blowouts or perfect beachy waves. Between plopping to reset your curl pattern, satin heatless curling sets, and the popularity of the Revlon One-Step Volumizer, we owe TikTok for our extensive knowledge of hair trends this past year. Of course, yet again, we have another TikTok viral way to curl your hair overnight. The good news is you already have the tools you need—just grab a pair of leggings from your dresser. Let us tell you every step you need to know for the perfect legging curls.

Legging Curls, Explained

The pandemic sparked all sorts of at-home hair trends and an entire wave of ways to achieve healthy hair. With all that time on our hands we had to do something! We’ve followed TikTokers from the beginning through the rice water treatments, Olaplex buns, and hair plopping methods all in an attempt for healthier, stronger hair.

So what are legging curls? Basically, a heatless curling method that you’ll sleep in overnight. No hot tools needed, just a pair of leggings and two scrunchies (or hair ties) if you have them to secure the ends. You don’t even need to start with your hair wet and you don’t need French braiding skills. When you’re done, you’re left with these gorgeous results.

How to Curl Your Hair With Leggings

Step 1: Part and separate.

First things first, part and separate your hair as you’re going to be wrapping your hair on both sides around each leg of the leggings. Feel free to smooth your hair with hair oil after giving it a thorough brush. You want to make sure there are no tangles and your ends are hydrated.

Step 2: Grab your leggings.

We see most people on TikTok with a pair of Lululemon leggings but no specific brand is necessary. However, try and stray away from cotton and instead choose more of a stretchy workout legging material. It will be more gentle on your hair and the curls come out much more defined.

Step 3: Wrap the hair tightly.

After separating your hair, lay the leggings on top of your head with each of the legs to each side—almost like you’re using them as a scarf. You can let the butt part of the leggings just rest on the back of your head—you’ll use it later.

Begin taking sections of your hair starting from the top and wrapping the hair tightly around the leggings all the way down. Emilie Kiser has the best tutorial if you need a visual to walk you through!

Step 4: Tie off and secure.

Now that you’ve wrapped your hair all the way down to the ends, secure it with a soft scrunchie that won’t leave any kinks in your hair. Like Kiser, we recommend the Dae Linen Scrunchies. They’re big so you can wrap them around a couple of times for a secure finish and they won’t leave any dents at the bottom of your strands.

Lastly, pull the bottom of each legging leg up and over your wrapped hair to protect it. You’ll do the same with the butt part of the leggings and pull it over your head like a hat. All your hair should be under the leggings when you’re done.

I Tried It

I reached for my comfy Align Lululemon leggings to try out this hack. I love a good blowout but I hate doing it myself, and the satin curling rods are so uncomfortable. The legging hack seemed like a no-brainer quick styling that would save me so much time in the mornings.

I tried it with rough dried hair so it was a little damp but not soaking wet. I had to go back in and curl my front pieces because they were so short and didn’t stay around the leggings. I’ll definitely use this method as my “foolproof” hair styling method and keep experimenting with wet hair versus dry hair and how loose I wrap my hair. This picture was after the curls had fallen after a couple of hours so your hair will be a bit wavier when you take them out at first.

Curl hair with leggings results | Mane Addicts