Your Guide to Every ‘Core Trend on TikTok

Written by Ashley Locke

Every single time we open the clock app, there’s a new ‘core trend flooding our FYP. These aesthetics aren’t new to TikTok, many of them have been around before the app was even conceptualized. What many think was started by cottagecore actually began way back in the 2010s with normcore and was followed by gorpcore a few years later. Now, we have ‘core trends like regencycore, vacationcore, and even goblincore. More recently, Barbiecore has exploded onto the scene with bright pink fits and polished hair popping up on every social media platform there is. And these trending aesthetics show no signs of stopping—there are a number waiting in the wings for their grand TikTok debut. To help you familiarize yourself with the ‘core trends that are already trending and offer a preview of what’s to come, we put together this handy-dandy guide on TikTok’s biggest ‘core trends. Discover the biggest ‘core trends on TikTok below and learn how to get them yourself.


Coined in 2013 by trend forecasters K-Hole, normcore has been used to describe a style that is normal and average-looking. Of the ‘core aesthetic, K-Hole shared, “Normcore moves away from a coolness that relies on difference to a post-authenticity coolness that opts into sameness. To be truly normcore, you need to understand that there’s no such thing as normal.” Translation? None of us are unique and normcore embraces the similarities we all share in our fashion sense. Think of it as an anti-trend trend…which may cause more confusion, but all you really need to know about normcore is that it’s essentially dressing like everybody else. Think really practical and basic staples.

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In terms of hair, achieving the normcore aesthetic is all about sticking to accessories in neutral colors, à la gray scrunchies and navy blue dad hats. The more basic, the better.


Paired with a button-down, oversized blazer, trousers, and sneakers, you’ve got yourself the ultimate normcore style.

KBETHOS Dad Hat | Mane Addicts
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Kitsch Matte Scrunchies

Though these scrunchies are a little more colorful than most accessories for this ‘core trend, their matte style still dims them down enough to work for the normcore aesthetic. It’s all about how you style them.

Kitsch Matte Scrunchies | Mane Addicts
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R+Co Cool Wind pH Perfect Air Dry Crème

Normcore asks you to embrace your natural texture rather than hide it. To do that, we recommend utilizing this air-dry cream from R+Co. Achieve a perfectly tousled look with frizz-free strands in no time.

R+Co Cool Wind pH Perfect Air Dry Crème | Mane Addicts
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On the heels of normcore was gorpcore, which was first coined in 2017 by writer Jason Chen of The Cut. The term “gorp” literally means “Good ol’ Raisins and Peanuts,” which works given the trend is hiking chic and outdoorsy styles. You may look like you’re about to head out on a mile-long trek through nature, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you to rock this ‘core trend.

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Cargo pants, hiking boots, and utility vests are staples for this aesthetic. Think hiker-friendly fashion that’s a little bit more elevated for the ‘gram. As far as hair goes, you can stick to basic accessories like ponytail holders, athletic headbands, and even claw clips to create styles that are a bit more sporty.

Athleta ​​Knotted Headband in Powervita

Keep flyaways under wraps in this chic twisted headband from Athleta. Not only will you fit the gorpcore aesthetic, but you’ll also feel it.

Athleta ​​Knotted Headband in Powervita | Mane Addicts
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Invisibobble Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties

Your hair will often be up in a bun or ponytail, or even in a simple braided style when dressing in the gorpcore aesthetic. A regular hair tie would suffice, though it’s not great for your hair. Instead, opt for these spiral hair ties that won’t leave traces and are gentler on your strands.

Invisibobble Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties | Mane Addicts
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There’s no accessory that screams hiker chic quite like a beanie. You can dress it up or down, but paired with some hiking boots and you will always be on the gorpcore trend.

FURTALK Beanie | Mane Addicts
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Cottagecore absolutely put ‘core trends at the forefront once it took off in late 2019, thanks in large part to content creator Noemie Sérieux. Now, everyone is trying to live out their countryside fantasy in flowy floral print dresses. The essence of this aesthetic is a nod to western agriculture and being one with nature as fashionably as possible.

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Cottagecore is equal parts romance and practicality. While it can appear frivolous to some, the trend also highlights sustainability both in terms of what you wear and how you move through life. For hair accessories, think floral, soft, and feminine.

Big Bow Barrette

Bows are the ultimate cottagecore accessory. They can be added to virtually any hairstyle to elevate your aesthetic.

Big Bow Barrette | Mane Addicts
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TOBATOBA Bandana Headbands

Another cottagecore accessory essential is a bandana headband. They’re very farm-friendly, which is basically cottagecore by another name.

TOBATOBA Bandana Headbands | Mane Addicts
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Tea Party Sun Hat

Protect your complexion in this truly cottagecore chic sun hat. Adorned with daisies, lace, and a ribbon to keep it secure, you’ll be the fairest of them all.

Tea Party Sun Hat | Mane Addicts
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Barbiecore is the newest ‘core trend in the spotlight, being heralded as the aesthetic of the season by many. As you can probably guess, the trend is all about dressing like the ever-so-iconic Barbie with plenty of pink to boot. With this aesthetic, there is no such thing as too much pink.

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Again, when you want to dress in the Barbiecore aesthetic, think pink. This style does lean more glam than street style, though any all-pink ensemble will work. And, of course, the Barbie ponytail is the ultimate way to top off your Barbiecore look.

Claire’s Pink Glitter Large Hair Claw

You can never have too many claw clips. And while your average, run-of-the-mill claw clip might not work for the Barbiecore trend, this glittery pink one from Claire’s definitely will. Paired with a hot pink getup, you’re well on your way to living out your plastic fantasy.

Claire’s Pink Glitter Large Hair Claw | Mane Addicts
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INH Hair Alyssa Barbie™ Edition Ponytail

Barbie’s ponytail is classic, timeless…and often hard to emulate. To take the trouble out of the process, INH Hair launched a collaboration with the doll herself and created this gorgeous ponytail extension in the process. Now you’ll be able to get Barbie’s look in half the time and effort.

INH Hair Alyssa Barbie™ Edition Ponytail | Mane Addicts
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Lele Sadoughi X Barbie™ Totally Fuchsia Crystal Signature Knotted Headband

This hand-embellished headband features colorful crystals and 14-karat gold plated beads in the most stunning fuchsia hue. Inspired by Barbie herself, you’ll have no problem living out your Barbiecore dreams when you don this accessory.

Lele Sadoughi X Barbie™ Totally Fuchsia Crystal Signature Knotted Headband | Mane Addicts
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Regencycore is often confused with cottagecore because the two are a bit similar, but there are some notable differences. While cottagecore is more about that agricultural, rural lifestyle, regencycore is more royal. Bridgerton was the spark that lit the match of this trend—modern twists on the period show’s costume designs are everywhere these days.

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Similar to cottagecore, you can stick to floral and feminine hair accessories. How regencycore differs is that you can toss a tiara into the mix. It’s impractical for the cottagecore lifestyle, but not this ‘core trend.

David’s Bridal Dainty Crystal Tiara

A simple tiara can pull together your whole look. While you can dress in all the regencycore garb, a tiara is what elevates it to that next level and will have you feeling like the diamond of the season.

David’s Bridal Dainty Crystal Tiara | Mane Addicts
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Jennifer Behr Natalia Tiara

For a tiara that is a little more understated (but seriously luxe), there’s this gold floral headband from Jennifer Behr. While it still gives off a royal feel, you won’t feel as though you’re wearing a tiara.

Jennifer Behr Natalia Tiara | Mane Addicts
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Shashi Empress Pearl Headband

Pearls are always an elegant touch to any outfit, especially one that is trying to exude this ‘core trend. You can dress it up or down, either way, it screams regencycore.

Shashi Empress Pearl Headband | Mane Addicts
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Cybercore, not to be confused with the industry-leading technology company, takes cues from Y2K trends, with Nylon calling it a “mix of techwear, cyberpunk, and classic 2000s fashion.” This futuristic ‘core trend gives off major Matrix vibes, black pleather jacket and all.

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The name of this ‘core trend is sci-fi inspiration and techie vibes. Accessories are sleek with a futuristic feel—hair color is where you really get to have some fun though.

Good Dye Young ​​Poser Paste Temporary Hair Makeup

Bold hair hues are not uncommon for this aesthetic. Though the style is a bit minimalist, your hair color can definitely be fun and playful. Dip-dyed ends, color-blocking, and color underneath are all hairstyles worn for this aesthetic. For those not ready to dye their hair, get in on this temporary hair makeup from Good Dye Young.

Good Dye Young ​​Poser Paste Temporary Hair Makeup | Mane Addicts
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SexyHair Style Hard Up Holding Gel

Spiky buns and slicked-back hairstyles tend to be common when it comes to dressing in this ‘core trend. If you want to get these styles, you’ll need a strong-hold hair gel. We suggest this one from SexyHair because it hasn’t let us down yet.

SexyHair Style Hard Up Holding Gel | Mane Addicts
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GLVSS The Snake Sunglasses

Okay, so this isn’t a hair accessory, but it’s something that is truly necessary to be cybercore. Futuristic shades are a quintessential accessory for this ‘core trend. And these neon green frames feel cybercore in every which way.

GLVSS The Snake Sunglasses | Mane Addicts
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Indie Sleaze

Trend analyst and fashion writer Mandy Lee posted a TikTok in 2021 stating that indie sleaze would be making a comeback. We didn’t believe her, but we’re here to say we were wrong. The Tumblr-era trend is back with a vengeance. And we’re ready to make our inner Tumblr teen proud.

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Indie sleaze came into popularity around the early 2000s and 2010s so it’s surely due for a resurgence. Defined by lo-fi styling and a slight grunge aesthetic, the ‘core trend is a hodgepodge of minimalism and maximalism. Indie darling Sky Ferreira is often viewed as a poster child for this aesthetic with her disheveled bleach blonde hair and smudged black eyeliner.

IGK Beach Club Volume Texture Spray

To get that perfect undone look that is indicative of indie sleaze, spritz some of this texturizing spray throughout your strands. The more disheveled, the better.

IGK Beach Club Volume Texture Spray | Mane Addicts
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The Hair Shop Blunt Bang Clip-In

The bangs were blunt during this era, just like the demeanors. Many rocked heavy fringe with some styles even requiring side bangs. Should you not want to commit to a bang cut, this clip-in option will suffice.

The Hair Shop Blunt Bang Clip-In | Mane Addicts
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Banana Republic Black Felt Fedora

A closet staple for those in the early aughts, we’re bracing ourselves for the inevitable return of fedora hats in pop culture once again with the rise in this trend.

Banana Republic Black Felt Fedora | Mane Addicts
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Coastal Grandmother

The coastal grandmother trend took off during the summer of 2022 and faded into the background a bit with the rise of some other ‘core trends. But, we’re happy to report it’s still going strong. Though characterized as what a fashionable grandma would wear to the oceanside, this trend works for all seasons.

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Achieving the coastal grandmother aesthetic is all about dressing like you’re the main character in a Nancy Meyers movie—Something’s Gotta Give serves up perfect inspo so give it a watch. For hair, you’ll want to keep it simple and chic.

Banana Republic Wide-Brim Straw Hat

Wicker or straw hats fit very nicely into this aesthetic. They not only help protect your skin and hair from the elements but are also so fabulous.

Banana Republic Wide-Brim Straw Hat | Mane Addicts
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Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

The blowout is a classic hairstyle for the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Now, it doesn’t need to have too much volume, but just enough to look fresh and pristine. The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush from Drybar will help you get the look.

Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush | Mane Addicts
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J.Crew Canvas Bucket Hat

Another hat option is the classic bucket hat. Of course, to fit into this aesthetic, you won’t want one with a wild pattern or bold color. Stick to a clean white bucket hat like this one. The fringe around the edges makes it all the more playful.

J.Crew Canvas Bucket Hat | Mane Addicts
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As you likely guessed, plazacore is all about looking like you live at The Plaza. Move over, Eloise, there’s a new plaza princess in town. Currently trending on TikTok, the style is marked by preppy styles with a luxe twist. Blair Waldorf is the absolute perfect inspiration for this aesthetic.

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You’ll want to look preppy and luxurious. Not only do you live at The Plaza, but you (or your parent) could potentially own it. Classic silhouettes in black and white with pops of pastels are often seen in photos of this ‘core trend. Your hair accessories will be able to provide a bit of luxury that your outfit is otherwise missing.

Free People Amanda Puffy Velvet Headband

Velvet headbands give off a more affluent vibe than other types of headbands. We’re obsessed with this sweet pastel pink headband from Free People—it’s so perfect for the aesthetic.

Free People Amanda Puffy Velvet Headband | Mane Addicts
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Anthropologie Knit Houndstooth Beret

Houndstooth is an expensive-looking fabric, even if the pattern only sets you back $5. And a beret gives an impression that you’re well-traveled—definitely something a person of plazacore status exudes.

Anthropologie Knit Houndstooth Beret | Mane Addicts
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Hill House Home The Margot Bow

This sweet bow pays homage to the plazacore icon herself, Eloise. Though a little more refined and subdued than her bow, it still gets its point across.

Hill House Home The Margot Bow | Mane Addicts
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Balletcore is a newer ‘core trend making the rounds but it shows no signs of slowing down. People all over NYFW were strutting down the streets in this aesthetic.

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The name says it all—this ‘core aesthetic is inspired by ballet and the style most ballerinas wear to dance class. Ballet flats are simply not optional if you want to try this trend on for size. Hair is simpler, with the ballet bun becoming a fairly popular hairstyle.

Bloch Hair Kit

Because the ballet bun is so coveted and a tricky style to master, we had to include this hair kit from Bloch. Filled with everything you need to create a ballerina bun of your very own, you’ll be rocking the style in no time whether you’re going to dance class or not.

Bloch Hair Kit | Mane Addicts
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The Hair Edit Ribbon Hair Scrunchie

To zhuzh up your ballet bun a bit, tie this ribbon hair scrunchie around it. The pastel hue is still very much in line with the understated theme of balletcore.

The Hair Edit Ribbon Hair Scrunchie | Mane Addicts
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Pearl Hair Ties

Another cute way to elevate the classic ballet bun is with these pearl hair ties. Simply wrap them around your bun and you’re ready for a night out on the town.

Pearl Hair Ties | Mane Addicts
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Hot off the heels of cottagecore came fairycore, a whimsical aesthetic which inspired us all to embrace the magic within us and around us. Okay, that was cheesy, but it’s not entirely untrue—fairycore is all things fun and playful. Besides, who doesn’t want to be a fairy in times like these?

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With fairycore, the objective is to lean into the fantasy. Some even go so far as to wear fairy ears. You don’t need to do that if you don’t want to, but we’re also not going to stop you. Above all else, lean into the “nature” side of this ‘core trend with butterfly and mushroom hair accessories galore.

Monarch Butterfly Hair Clips

Attach as many of these as you’d like to your waves or curls to fit this aesthetic. These do come in a few sizes, the largest being 12 centimeters in length—we’d stick to the 6-centimeter size to be safe.

Monarch Butterfly Hair Clips | Mane Addicts
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Mushroom Hair Sticks

Mushrooms are very fairycore—after all, fairies definitely live in them. These adorable hair sticks can be used to create a messy bun, some space buns, or any bun you desire.

Mushroom Hair Sticks | Mane Addicts
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Crystal Hair Spirals

Hair spirals are beloved by the most avid members of the fairycore community. They’re so easy to apply, meaning you can elevate any look to fairycore status whenever you’re wearing them.

Crystal Hair Spirals | Mane Addicts
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Heaven has become a place on earth with the angelcore aesthetic. This ‘core trend has similar characteristics of cottagecore and regencycore with its emphasis on femininity, but it draws a ton of inspiration from, you guessed it, angels.

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Pinks, whites, and soft blues are all within the color palette of this aesthetic. You should evoke femininity in this light, airy, free way—you’ll feel like a fallen angel without actually being one.

GHD Classic Curling Iron

Curls are incredibly angelic, especially when they’re larger ringlets. They’ll give you the perfect playground to feel as if you’re floating among the clouds while stuck here on earth. A classic curling iron like this one from GHD will give you the ringlets of your dreams.

GHD Classic Curling Iron | Mane Addicts
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Fuzzy Angel Wing Hair Clip Set

Some would say angel wing hair clips are overkill, but we are not those people. If you want to feel like an angel, you’ve got to do everything you can—that includes clipping some angel wings into your hair.

Fuzzy Angel Wing Hair Clip Set | Mane Addicts
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Jennifer Behr Primavera Coronet

This ethereal pearl headband from Jennifer Behr creates an almost halo around your head when worn. It isn’t as on the nose as a costumey halo, though it will make triple the impact.

Jennifer Behr Primavera Coronet | Mane Addicts
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The goblincore is in the same vein as fairycore, only this ‘core trend isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. While fairycore is more aesthetically pleasing, goblincore is a bit more chaotic—some would even say feral. It still has roots in fantasy and nature, though doesn’t need to be wrapped up in a pretty little package.

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Again, think nature-y but less polished, more rugged. It’s okay to get down in the dirt with this aesthetic! That’s…actually kind of the point.

Splat 1-Wash Temporary Hair Dye

We came across moss hair during our research for this ‘core trend and immediately fell in love. Add some of this temporary green hair dye to your hair to create a mossy effect. If you have lighter hair, you might want to apply a temporary brunette color as well to really nail the hue.

Splat 1-Wash Temporary Hair Dye | Mane Addicts
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Mushroom Knitted Hair Bandana

Keeping it on theme with the mossy aesthetic, we have this adorable mushroom-kitted hair bandana. Tie it on your head when you venture outdoors to protect your scalp.

Mushroom Knitted Hair Bandana | Mane Addicts
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Fern Hair Comb

Always keep a piece of nature with you, thanks to this hair comb, for days when you can’t venture outside.

Fern Hair Comb | Mane Addicts
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Lovecore uses pink and red hues to put you in that Valentine’s Day spirit 24/7. Whether you’re hoping to attract some romantic love in your life or need a little help in the self-love department, leaning into this ‘core trend is sure to help.

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All you really need hair-wise for this look are some pink and red accessories and plenty of hearts. These should also be bright pinks and reds, nothing of the muted variety. You want to wear your love on your sleeves with this aesthetic.

Heart Claw Clip

Wear your heart in your hair with his ravishing red heart claw clip. How’s that for alliteration?

Heart Claw Clip | Mane Addicts
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Nellie Icon Hair Clip Set

For a nod to the ‘90s, go with this hair clip set. Yes, there are shapes other than a heart, so you can always avoid adding those to your strands. And why not get a few sets to have multiple heart hair clips?

Nellie Icon Hair Clip Set | Mane Addicts
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Red Heart Headband

This red heart headband is more understated (well, at least in our eyes) than the other accessories listed. Is this what Rihanna meant when she said, “Must be love on the brain?”

Red Heart Headband | Mane Addicts
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Kidcore is maybe one of our favorites so far, especially because we are in the process of healing our inner child. This aesthetic calls you to tap into what made your childhood great and wear it. Bright colors, bold patterns—the sky’s the limit with your kidcore style.

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There aren’t really a ton of rules you need to follow in order to abide by the kidcore aesthetic. Really, it’s all about letting your inner child have free rein and dress you as they please. Whatever you wanted to do to your hair during your childhood, make it happen.

Hair Tinsel Kit

Tinsel feels very childlike and is just a ton of fun to add to your hair. We’ll even show you how to do it on our Instagram.

Hair Tinsel | Mane Addicts
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Hair Blinger

Everyone is blinging their hair with hair gems these days. And if you’ve always wanted to do the same as a kid but never got the chance, consider this your moment.

Hair Blinger | Mane Addicts
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Butterfly Hair Clips

Another throwback hair accessory, butterfly clips are always a good idea. Who has ever been unhappy with butterfly clips in their hair? Not us…at least, not yet.

Butterfly Hair Clips | Mane Addicts
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Dark Academia

You’re likely familiar with dark academia though you might’ve never known the word for it until now. The aesthetic has been around for a while but has recently gained steam on TikTok. Dark academia is all about higher learning and scholarly pursuits with a moody undertone. If you’ve ever seen Dead Poets Society, you’ve seen the aesthetic in action

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The “academia” of this aesthetic means many dress in scholarly garb, though you don’t have to break out the school uniform just yet. Button-ups, loafers, slacks, and tweed skirts all fit into this aesthetic, though it’s important to think of the “dark” aspect as well. It doesn’t necessarily mean only wearing jet black clothing, but more muted tones like brown, forest green, burgundy, and even cream colors.

Magnolia Boutique Nashville Sweetheart Brown Plaid Knotted Headband

Headbands are a staple accessory for the dark academia aesthetic, and this one fits the theme quite nicely with its plaid pattern and soft brown hue.

Magnolia Boutique Nashville Sweetheart Brown Plaid Knotted Headband | Mane Addicts
(Image Source:

The Hair Edit Gold Hoop & Pin Barrette

Elevate your half-up half-down hairstyles with this elegant barrette. You can absolutely wear gold accents and still fit into this ‘core trend, just make sure to keep it subtle.

The Hair Edit Gold Hoop & Pin Barrette | Mane Addicts
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TheOpen Product Tweed Newsboy Cap

You can never go wrong with a classic newsboy cap. It makes your style all the more mysterious and even a bit more academic. It’s difficult to put into words, though you’ll know what we’re talking about when you put it on.

TheOpen Product Tweed Newsboy Cap | Mane Addicts
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Because we don’t take enough vacations throughout the year, lean into the feeling of taking one with this trend. Though not just any vacation will suffice, you must imagine you’re heading out on a lavish European vacation.

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This isn’t exactly what your dad would wear on a vacation, so no Hawaiian prints and khakis. Instead, take notes from fashion models like Bella Hadid who dress in a more subdued manner. The trick is to fit in while still standing out.

Princess Polly The Amalfi Headband

Feel like you’re lounging on the Amalfi Coast in Italy with this headband on your head.

Princess Polly The Amalfi Headband | Mane Addicts
(Image Source:

H&M Straw Hat

Wide-brim straw hats evoke rich vibes, perfect for the vacationcore aesthetic.

H&M Straw Hat | Mane Addicts
(Image Source:

Kitsch Organic Cotton Knit Scrunchies

Scrunchies are a vacation must because there are plenty of times when you’ll need to put your hair up. When that happens, do it in style with these organic scrunchies.

Kitsch Organic Cotton Knit Scrunchies | Mane Addicts
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Pearlcore is a budding new ‘core trend poised to make a big splash. And if you’re already a fan of all things pearl (the gem, not the A24 film), you’re going to love this one.

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There’s really not much that needs to go into this aesthetic other than a flurry of pearls of all shapes and sizes. You can wear them in whichever accessory you feel fits the look you’re going for or create a freeform design with some pearl hair gems.

Pearl Hair Clips Set

You’ll have enough pearl hair clips to create any number of pearlcore-inspired looks throughout the week.

Pearl Hair Clips Set | Mane Addicts
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Baublebar Rosa Pearl Headband

Of course, any pearl headband will work—maybe you want one that’s a little bit more extravagant? We chose this one because it pairs well with other pearl fashion or can be worn on its own and still make an impact.

Baublebar Rosa Pearl Headband | Mane Addicts
(Image Source:

Kristin Ess Pearl Party Bobby Pins

These pearl bobby pins are nothing short of elegant so you can create an endless amount of looks with them. Where will you begin?

Kristin Ess Pearl Party Bobby Pins | Mane Addicts
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If you’re afraid of clowns, keep on scrolling—this isn’t the ‘core trend for you. Clowncore is dedicated to the colorful performers we either love or hate. Of course, you don’t have to actually dress like a clown, though many lovers of the aesthetic do just that.

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This ‘core trend is all about bright colors, balloon pants, bows, ruffle collars, polka dots, and even face paint for those who want to set their inner clown free.

Balloon Dog Hair Clips

Get in on this trend in a more subtle way with these cutesy balloon dog hair clips. Wear them individually or all at once—the choice is yours.

Balloon Dog Hair Clips | Mane Addicts
(Image Source:

Hair Color Wax

Bold and bright hair colors are a common thread between each unique clowncore look. If you’re not ready to go all in on the aesthetic but still want to play with your hair color, try these waxes on for size. They’ll give you a temporary tint any clown would be envious of.

Hair Color Wax | Mane Addicts
(Image Source:

Rainbow Scrunchies

Keep a piece of the big top with you at all times with these colorful hair scrunchies. They’re any clown’s dream accessory.

Rainbow Scrunchies | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: